Your wedding day is meant to be uniquely and perfectly you. We are based in the heart of Ventura, CA, right and are blessed to create the BEST Wedding Photography in Valencia, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, the many cities of Orange County, Los Angeles and everywhere in between and beyond. While each wedding day is photographed to perfectly show the beauty and uniqueness of each couple and the marriage they are celebrating, each one of our incredible clients has one thing in common. The way their wedding photographs are captured, is priceless. Each day is a beautiful and glorious union of two souls, a miraculous and joyous connection of two families; and naturally, we have the intrinsic human desire to record and catalogue every moment within that day. It's incredible to see the "moments" we are blessed to capture. The hidden glances from across the room with newlyweds as they visit guests, the conversations that happen during the mother/son dance and the tears as a father gives his daughter's hand to her new husband.  The best California wedding is the one that makes you want to remember and relive it time and again seen through a strong and durable window of perfect color, clarity and detail that brings back the memory as though you were living it again – feeling all the warm and loving feelings brought by that magical time. You are an incredible couple, filled with an incredible heart and mind– souls who will truly leave a lasting and positive impact on those around you and the entire world. 

At Bethany Miller Photography, working with our blushing wedding clients, we are creating something together that is so much bigger than a few photographs. We are joining to begin the creation of visual records of your love and passion for life and each other that will establish your legacy for future generations. Years from now when these everyday moments age and become simply fond memories, you have grown in your years and your life seems to continue on and develop into something even greater than it ever was before; the magical moments encapsulated in the time of your California wedding or destination wedding will be one forever cherished. Whether nestled in the hilltops of Ventura, in the beautiful vineyards of Ojai or the beach waves of Oxnard, this will be a moment that can't be relived. Wherever you choose, this is where you will have celebrated your love for each other, shared  delicious food from all over California and delightful wines from abroad. So, what is important to us on your wedding day? That the perfect little hotel that had that sweet little stone archway that your wedding party was able to perfectly nestle as you exchanged your vows for your downtown Valencia wedding are at risk of slowly fading in the clarity and luster of actual reality. These are the moments you are going to spend the most time trying to remember, cherish and relive. These are the moments we spend our life waiting for and to be living right in the middle of them – they deserve to be captured, celebrated, re-lived and cherished in the utmost perfection as the moment they were created.




and enhance the deep and raw emotion we will draw out as you laugh, smile and commemorate the special time with your beautiful friends and family as well as each other. Using some of the latest in modern photography technology, Bethany Miller Photography can capture every moment perfectly in nearly every fathomable setting in virtually any light at any time of the day. Wether its the brightest and clearest day encountered in Valencia or the darkest, moonless night lit only by hundreds of candles decorated by your guests and your wedding party in your back yard Ventura wedding, we work as a wedding photography team to create a window into magical moments in time that is so much more than just a wedding portrait or an engagement picture. Even if your dream is to celebrate your love and passion among the glitz and glamour of downtown Los Angeles in your spectacular Los Angeles wedding, we seek to capture a memory through portraits that the two of you will hold, remember and cherish for years long after your special wedding day has come and gone. We know how significant this chapter is in not only in the lives of the two of you together but the lives of your families as well because we cherish our own hopes, dreams and magical wedding moments all the same. Let Bethany Miller Photography team up with you and your family to catch all those moments that you want to remember and build that enduring window into your beautiful history from your Ventura wedding, your Valencia wedding, your Los Angeles wedding or in surround areas! By the end of it, we want to leave saying "that was the best California wedding ever!"

As technology continues to advance, so do the ways that we remember past events and celebrate the enduring stepping stones of our lives. These are the days where engagement sessions, weddings and events are designed to create a beautiful and amazing experience of family and friends coming together to celebrate love and unity; and we all strive to capture the multitude of those precious moments as they happen to reflect and enjoy that experience time and again by a true and professional wedding photographer in Ventura, Valencia , Orange County and the greater Los Angeles Area of beautiful Southern California. We at Bethany Miller Photography strive to help capture the memories of the best California wedding you have ever imagined from start to finish. Our wedding and engagement photos span from beautifully landscaped mountains silhouetting the morning sun's glow in Ventura, to open fields of yellow grass fields and tall, powerful desert rocks to the perfectly drawn and crafted lines of luxurious Los Angeles sky scrapers. Our California wedding pictures and destination locations utilize every conceivable landscape or setting to help build 



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