What is a bmp spokesmodel?

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire".

Our VIP, Ambassador, Legacy & Senior Crew Spokesmodels are one in a million to us and within their communities of Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Ventura, Valencia, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Orange County and Los Angeles. They are not only a visual photographic representation of our business but they are some of the most incredibly kind, fearless, audacious adventurers you will ever encounter. Each young lady represents and promotes our photography studio, our child photography, teen pictures, senior portrait experience and what we are all about within their schools and communities. We have girls of all different backgrounds, ages and personalities from multiple California based communities. While some of them want to pursue photography or modeling in the future, what they all share is the passion to be the best version of themselves possible. Through our spokesmodel journey, girls meet other confident young ladies that become like a second family. They find the confidence to pursue what their heart desires, they believe that this world is meant to be filled with positivity and they show that through mentoring the younger generations to come, being a positive influence within their schools and sharing their passions with the world!

VIP: 1st-4th Grade
Ambassadors: 5th-8th Grade
Travel Team: Freshman, Sophomore & Juniors
Senior Crew: High School Seniors


Who Can Apply To Be A Spokesmodel?

Anyone who is interested in being a spokesmodel is encouraged to apply. Please understand, not everyone who applies will become a BMP spokesmodel and we have a select number of spokesmodel spots we fill for each year in all age groups. If you have applied in the past, we encourage you to reapply in future years! we look forward to RECEIVING YOUR APPLICATION! FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO APPLY, CONTINUE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION:

What Do We Look For In A Spokesmodel?

We are looking for young ladies who want to leave a lasting impact on the world around them. That are involved within their schools, extra curricular activities, that are a "go-getter" type, are heavily involved and believe in the power of helping to shape the lives of future generations. from our vip spokesmodels to our senior crew spokesmodels, we are family. we believe in one another, show up for one another and are eachother's biggest fans no matter what school, age or extra curriculars someone is involved in. our goal is simple, remind one another and the people around us that we want to set the bar higher and aim for a better future.

We invite our Spokesmodels to be part of a sisterhood we have created throughout the years. Our spokesmodel team is made up of extremely passionate individuals who we believe truly embody what we are all about and are ready to leave an impact on the world before heading off to college. We believe your High School Session is meant for one thing. To document one of the most incredible times in your life. After all, these moments in time can't be relived and the remaining years are going to be some of the most impactful. We want to be there every step of the way as you become the incredible person you are destined to be! 

Spokesmodel Application


"A girl with a dream becomes a woman with a vision"



Our VIP Spokesmodel Team is made up of young girls ages 1st-4th grade. The age of 6-13 is said to be one of the most impactful during a young girl's life. This is the age where they begin to form opinions of themselves that will carry on with them through the rest of their lives. In a world filled with so much social media, magazines that depict what "perfect" should look like and young people idolizing those that aren't the best role-models we began to realize the need for this younger generation to be mentored, told they are beautiful in their own skin and help them to find the confidence they need to succeed. Our VIP's will be part of a program that encourages them to be who they are in any form: simply, naturally and beautifully. During their time as a VIP each girl is paired up with a "big sister" on our Legacy, Senior Crew or BMP Alumni spokesmodel team. The idea of this is to help have a strong role model that can help shape their lives, be an extra source of encouragement and an incredible new friend for our youngest spokesmodels. Each VIP gets to have their own individually styled session accompanied by their big sis and gets to be a part of their very own "group shoots" with all of the spokesmodels on their VIP team!



Our Ambassador spokesmodel team is made up of girls ages 5th-8th grade! Instead of having one individual "big sister" they have a whole team of other ambassadors and access to our high school spokesmodels for encouragement, love and support as well! This gives them a chance to get to know other girls from different schools, backgrounds, activities, etc that they otherwise would not meet without being a part of our BMP family. Our ambassadors will be part of a program that encourages them to be who they are in their most confident form. They will experience group shoots and have access to discounted individual sessions should they want it. These group sessions are fully styled to help bring out the absolute best in them and show them just how outstanding they are. The world was made for us to be audacious, to be impactful and to be fearless. Now is our chance to make a difference and our goal is to bring along these young ladies on our incredible journey as we move mountains to begin creating self-love, happiness and a tribe filled with other young people who want to encourage and love those around them to be the best they can be. 


We invite our spokesmodels to be part of a sisterhood we have created over the years. We are insanely passionate about what being in high school is like and the turbulance and triumphs that can often occur for young ladies at this age. Our Legacies & Senior Crew is made up of extremely passionate individuals who we believe truly embody what we are all about and are ready to leave an impact on the world before heading off to college. We believe your high school years are meant for one thing. To document one of the most incredible times in your life. After all, these remaining years can't be relived and will soon be a distant memory as you move on to college and careers.Our Legacy & Senior Crew has the ability to travel all over the United States & to destinations abroad. They have access to our group shoots held all throughout Southern California and are encouraged to help prepare the upcoming generations for what being in high school is like with a positive outlook through our Ambassador & VIP programs. Each Senior Crew & Legacy Spokesmodel receives a fully styled individual session as well as invited to any and all BMP events! 






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